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JVd offers a full range of furniture services to help you solve your funrniture needs.  Let us take the burden and make your expansion or reconfigure a fun experience.  Our experienced designers and installers would be glad to make your vision your reality.  

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  • You have a vision for your workspace.  We can use our space planning expertise to help you make that vision into reality. Our designs are professionally created using the latest computer drafting techniques. 



  • Once you have your plan, we can specify exactly what you need to build the furniture.   Each style, color, trim, and furniture version will be checked and double checked to ensure that your furniture will be all that you planned it to be.


  • Our install teams are highly qualified in many furniture makes and models.  We treat each workspace as if it will be our workspace.  


  • Your needs change.  We can help your furniture meet the new call.  No need to purchase all new furniture. We will take down your old setup, and build it to serve your new needs.  

Service Calls

  • Small problems can be our problems.  We can stop by and solve your smaller furniture problems in a snap.  The next time in the area, we will put our expertise to work to get your furniture back to work.

Simple. Direct. Efficient



  • We provide boxes, bags, & labeling supplies.

  • We provide directions to help prepare you for your move.


  • We charge per person moving.  No nickle and diming over exactly how much stuff each person has to move.

  • We place the items directly into the new work space, even if we just built it.



  • Moves paired with reconfigurations or installs save you time, coordination, and expense.  We'll get your workspace set and move you into it.

  • We are your one stop to seamlessly solve your furniture and personnel placement needs.

Going, Going, Gone

  • We will give you a simple way to make old furniture disappear. 

  • We dispose of systems furniture/cubicles, casegoods/desks, metal and wood cabinets, tables, chairs, just about any furniture.  We can also just help clean out storage areas or areas preparing for construction.

  • If you need new flooring or paint, we can remove and replace your furniture for your contractor.  Feel free to contact us directly or give our number to your contractor.  

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